You Want to Be Happy at Work, Here is How

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You Want to Be Happy at Work, Here is How

It is a challenge every manager faces: how to get their employees motivated and happy at work. And it’s an even bigger challenge when you’re managing remote teams across different time zones and cultures Proof of Income from Employer.

Managers, we need to wake up! Your people are crying out for recognition and happiness in the workplace. It doesn’t matter what job you’re doing – whether your employees are data entry workers or managing big budgets, everyone wants to enjoy what they do and feel that their work has some meaning.

So how do we ensure our people are happy and motivated at work? That’s the question we asked ourselves and asked others around us. Here is a selection of answers:

One: Know What Makes People Happy at Work

Many companies and managers believe that offering financial incentives and bonuses is the way to go. But according to a survey by Careerbuilder, this is not the top answer employees think will make them happy in their jobs. 41% of respondents said they just wanted to be happy at work. While 67% of employees are motivated by more intrinsic rewards, such as feeling valued in the workplace Proof of Income from Employer.

So what do happy employees look for at work? Achievable targets that help them grow and develop their skills. Think about it this way: you’d never ask your child to run a marathon without having trained them first, so why would you expect them to hit huge targets when they are not ready?

Happy employees are productive employees, so making sure your people have the tools, resources and training to do their job well is key.

Two: Praise in Public, Criticize in Private

A major part of being happy in our jobs is feeling supported by management. Unfortunately, some managers struggle with this. They fear the idea of being the bad guy so much that they don’t even think about their people when making decisions.

But there’s a better way to do things! Instead of sitting your team down once every six months and explaining why you need to restructure everything, look at them individually. Sit down with your employees and ask them what makes them happy. Listen to their ideas, their concerns.

By having open discussions on the topic of happiness you are not only being a good manager, but also letting people know that they have a voice in how things are done around here. The happier your employees are at work, the better results you’ll get.

Three: Happiness at Work is a Team Sport

It’s not just your responsibility to keep your people happy at work, but also the responsibility of every manager beneath you. This means that you need to ensure your managers are making their team members feel appreciated and capable. You need to push them to emulate the same behaviors as you!

This is easier said than done, but it’s worth the effort. Make sure your managers know what is expected of them and exactly how to achieve those targets. And if they are not performing well enough, don’t be afraid to give negative feedback. Remember you’re doing this for one reason: to help people improve!

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