If you are thinking about getting a loan or a mortgage, you should be needing a proof of income as a part of the documentation. A proof of income letter is simply a document showing that you have been earning an income from your business. This can prove to lenders and other potential investors that your business is viable and worth investing in.

You will need a few things to create a proof of income letter yourself. First, you will need to gather all of the documentation related to your recent earnings from your business. This could include invoices, bank statements, and other pertinent documents. Next, you should create a brief overview of your business and how it operates. This section should include information about the products or services you offer, how many current customers, and how much revenue you have generated thus far. Finally, you will want to provide evidence that your business is generating revenue – for example, by providing copies of signed contracts or receipts for money spent on supplies related to your business.

What is a Proof of Income Letter?

Proof of Income Letters is a powerful tool to help businesses verify a potential customer’s income. These letters can be used to confirm a customer’s current income or establish that the customer can afford the purchase or service being offered. By confirming a customer’s income, Proof of Income Letters can help businesses avoid costly mistakes and ensure that they’re providing products and services within their target market’s financial reach.

Proof of Income Letters is typically sent as an automated email or letter after business representatives have conducted preliminary research on potential customers. This research includes verifying the customer’s current income and assets and reviewing any recent financial statements. Once this information is gathered, Proof of Income Letters offers guidance on how much money the customer could realistically afford to spend on various products or services.

This information is valuable for businesses of all sizes. Whether they’re looking to attract new customers or retain existing ones, Proof of Income Letters can play an essential role in establishing trust and confidence with the target market. Businesses can build stronger relationships with customers and promote responsible sales by providing clear evidence that customers can purchase products and services.

What to include in a Proof of Income Letter for Self Employment

Proof of income letter for self-employment should include your full name, address, daytime phone number, email address, and the dates of the past 12 months. It is also essential to list your occupation and employer name. Finally, list your gross monthly income and the amount you spent on housing, food, utilities, and transportation.

Preparing your Proof of Income Letter

When preparing a self-employment proof of income letter, it is vital to keep in mind the following:

  • The letter should be concise and to the point.
  • Include dates and specific information about your business.
  • Detail your income and expenses for the past six months.
  • Include copies of payslips, invoices, and other documentation that supports your income claims.

How to create a Proof of Income Letter for Self-Employment

If you are self-employed and would like to create a proof of income letter for your business, there are a few steps that you need to take:

  1. Gather all of the documentation that you have related to your income. This could include tax returns, recent bank statements, business invoices, and anything else that shows your earnings over the past month or year.
  2. Create a table of contents for your document. This will help you organize everything and make it easier to read.
  3. Create a cover page that includes your name, address, contact information as well as the date of the document. Once you have all of this completed, mail or fax the document to the appropriate government agency.

How to present a self-employment proof of income letter

To present a self-employment proof of income letter, gather the following:

  • Your most recent W-2 form
  • Your most recent 1099 form
  • Your business license or certificate of registration

A statement detailing your business income for the past tax year

  1. Print out all your documents and assemble them in chronological order. This will help you make sure that your documents are accurate.
  2. Begin by attaching your W-2 form to your business income statement for the past tax year. Make sure to list the employer’s name and address on this document.
  3. Attach your 1099 form to the statement detailing your business income for the past tax year. Again, list the employer’s name and address on this document.
  4. Finally, attach your business license or certificate of registration to the statement detailing your business income for the past tax year, if applicable. If you do not have this document, state that you operate a legitimate business without providing any further documentation (unless requested by an interviewer).


If you are thinking of starting your own business, it is essential to have a proof of income letter ready in case you need to provide it to potential investors or lenders. Our guide will show you how to create a document and present your business in the best possible light. By following our tips, you can be confident that any potential backer or lender will believe that your venture has real potential.

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